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Your Committee is at present attending to observations, comments and at times complaints from members. To assist in acquiring a true and overall picture, members are invited to add their own comments or experiences by email, letters or phone call to our committee members. Read the background information on the current topic on which we would like your feedback. The current topic along with the committee member contact email address, are as follows:

Fish traps and netting marker buoys




Boat Trailer Parking

Trials of the new boat trailer parking rules are about to commence in three Sydney local government areas. North Sydney Council has already announced that it intends to implement the rules immediately following the completion of the trial.   BOA has prepared a submission to Council detailing some of the issues that Council is likely to face if it proceeds with the implementation without allowing sufficient time for review of the results of the trial.  The submission can be viewed here.

Flares disposal

RMS has made some major changes to the expired flare collection policy.  Flares can no longer be deposited at Registries or Maritime offices.  Flares will only be collected at particular locations on special flare collection days that are listed here.

Rhodes Wharf

Transport has postponed the construction of the new wharf at Rhodes, follwoign representations from Rowning NSW, supported by BOA.  See more details here.

Woodford Bay Slipway

BOA has finalised its involvement with the Woodford Bay Slipway.  If you are interested in the future use and preservation of the slipway then you can work with local groups to assist in preserving this important piece of local maritime history.  Contact BOA for details of how you can assist.

Marine Safety Regulation 2015

The new regulations are now scheduled to be in place by mid year.  This revised date will mean that the original proposal to provide a phasing-in period during the boating season will not be applicable.   BOA has suggested that the phasing-in period will have to be much longer of it occurs during winter.  BOA will keep members advised of the planned implementation procedure for the regulations.

Changes for other marine legislation are also being foreshadowed.  We may not be able to comment on drafts of these changes until they are presented to Parliament, but they are likely to refer to administrative and legal matters that are of minor interest to boaters. 

current ISSUES

Hawkesbury Shelf Bioregion

Marine Estate Management Authority is contuing the public consultation on management initiatives for the Hawkesbury shelf bioregion – essentially that part of the NSW coast from Newcastle to Wollongong.   A management plan for this area will include significant risk of threats to the amenity available to boaters, including restrictions on entering or anchoring in particular areas, increased restrictions on permitted activities in particular areas, tighter pollution control rules, increased fees for permits and authorisations, restrictions on fishing, netting and trapping.  It has even been suggested that absolute limits on vessel numbers could be imposed!  The process is being managed by interests who do not have recreational boating as a significant priority.

Boaters are urged to have their say by participating in the latest round of consultation.  Details are here.

BOA is providing input to the consultation through representation on the Transport for NSW Joint Expert Maritime Working Group.

Proposed trailer parking regulation changes

The bill as passed bears little relationship to the draft that was negotiated with Transport.   The Act now imposes much more onerous obligations on owners of boat traliers parked in the street – obligations tht BOA believes are unfair and unreasonable.  The Act is not yet in force – it is awaiting a policy document that will provide Councils with guidance on the implementation.  BOA has been advised that we will be part of the consultation process in developing this guidance.   This consultation occurred in May, but we still do not know what procedures or protocols will be proposed to Councils.

BOA responds to the maritime management centre's mooring review issues paper

Click here to view the BOA response to the issues paper. See below for some subsequent developments.  

Pittwater Shire rezoning proposal - alert to boat owners

Pittwater Council has commenced a review process covering the whole of the Pittwater region.  See here for details.  This review could have a significant impact on boating in Pittwater.   Affected boaters are encouraged to make sure their opinions are heard, particularly in view of the proposed changes to the LGA area, and the likely significant shift in attitude to boating activity in the area.

The future of Glebe Island Bridge

The BOA recommends the demolition of the now decommissioned bridge - read more about the BOA's rationale in this submission to the Maritime Management Centre  


CURRENT articles of interest

 Moorings review

The BOA has submitted an extensive response to the Moorings Review Issues paper - in particular, a suggestions that moored vessels should have third party insurance to cover against damage to other boats, property or the environment. Read more in the December 2015 Newsletter

The most expensive rental property in Sydney

Local Councils with waterfront property are charging up to $600 per square metre for dinghy storage - way above comparable residential rates. Read more in the December 2015 BOA Newsletter  

Our Harbour Our Asset

the institute of Marine Science has released a technical report covering the economic activities and values associated with the iconic Sydney Harbour and its use by the city that surrounds it. Read more in this overview in the December 2015 BOA Newsletter.

EPIRB Registration Process Changes

The process for registering EPIRB's has changed. Read more in the December 2015 BOA Newsletter.  

On-Street Trailer Parking Problem Solved - We don’t think so!

Forecast changes to the Trailer Parking regulations have not yet been enabled, but councils are already saying that it will be very difficult for them to to find alternative parking when the regulations are enabled. Read more in the 2 related articles in the December 2015 BOA Newsletter.


articles of interest in the previous boa newsletter


New courtesy moorings in Sydney Harbour

RMS have installed 18 new courtesy moorings in Sydney Harbour - mostly east of the bridge. Read more in the September 2015 BOA Newsletter

Trailer Parking legislation

Legislation has been introduced into state parliament giving local councils the ability to impound trailers left in public streets where they are found to have been parked for more than 3 months. Read more in the September 2015 BOA Newsletter  

Cabbage Tree Bay swim zone

Manly Council is declaring a designated swim zone at Cabbage Tree Bay which means power boats cannot go any closer to the beach than 50 meters and cannot anchor because of the sea grass. Read more in the September 2015 BOA Newsletter.

LED Technology and flares

Have Flares had their day? New LED technology may be the answer. Read more in the September 2015 BOA Newsletter.   

EPIRB alert

It is ten years since the 406Mz beacons started replacing the 1215Mz beacons and the new beacons with a 5 or 10 year battery life will need to be serviced or replaced to again be legal. Read more in the September 2015 BOA Newsletter.

Whale Watching - keep your distance

Through the months September to November, Humpback and Southern Right whales will be returning to the southern oceans and if you plan on going to watch them, you need to be aware of the clearance restrictions,. Read more in the September 2015 BOA Newsletter.